Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children

Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children

Help the lost children to survive, solve 16 puzzles and buy technologies

After the installation is done you have 60 minutes for playing the trial and then you can buy the game with the help of a direct link in the game. In the main screen you can access the options sections in order to configure basic features like music, sound, soundtracks, screen, difficulty and game speed.
During the start of the game you will read a little introduction that will show you the story of how you arrived to an island and by accident fall inside of a cave through a waterfall and discovered a new section of the island in wich a group of lost children lives. The main objective of the game is to help this little lost children to survive.
During the game you will have to solve 16 different puzzles, you also have to explore the island with the help of maps. Pay special attention to the technologies section where you will be able to buy farming, building, medicine, science, exploration and culture tools that will help you teach the children how to do all kind of survival tasks.
Play Virtual Villagers, and save the lost children.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great graphics and task simulation


  • The trial version works for 60 minutes only
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